Java Servlet and JSP tutorials

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          this is a relatively complete Servlet, JSP tutorial, contains a lot of practical information and examples, cactus studio recommended. The full text consists of 13 chapters, mainly including: Servlet and JSP features, installation and configuration of development, running environment, form data processing, HTTP request header, reply status processing, access to CGI variables, session state, JSP script elements, instructions, actions, and so on. Please refer to the catalogue for details.

As a person: Cactus studio                                                        

I. Servlet and JSP overview
1.1 JavaServlet and its features
1.2 JSP and its features
Ii. Set up
development and operation environment 2.1 install Servlet and JSP development tools
2.2 install Web server
that supports Servlet The first Servlet
3.1 Servlet basic structure
3.2 output plain text for simple Servlet
3.2.2 compile and install Servlet 3.2.3 run Servlet
3.3 output HTML Servlet
3.4 several HTML utility functions
Processing form data
4.1 form data overview
4.2 instance: read three form variables
4.3 instance: output all form data
Read HTTP request header
5.1 HTTP request header overview
5.2 read the request header
in Servlet 5.3 instance: output all request headers
Access CGI variable
6.1 CGI variable overview
6.2 Servlet of the standard CGI variable is equivalent to
6.3 instance: read CGI variable
HTTP response status
7.1 status code overview
7.2 set the status code
7.3 HTTP1.1 status code and its meaning
7.4 instance: access multiple search engines
8. Set HTTP response header
8.1 HTTP reply header overview
8.2 common reply headers and their meanings
8.3 example: page
is automatically refreshed when the content changes Handle Cookie
9.1 Cookie overview
9.2 Cookie API
Servlet 9.2.1 create Cookie
9.2.2 read and set Cookie property
9.2.3 set Cookie
in the reply header 9.2.4 read and save Cookie
to the client 9.3 several Cookie utility functions
9.3.1 gets the Cookie value
for the specified name 9.3.2 auto-save Cookie
9.4 example: custom search engine interface     x, session state
10.1 session state overview
10.2 session state tracking API
10.2.1 view the currently requested session object
10.2.2 view information about the session
10.2.3 save data
in the session object 10.3 example: display session information
11. JSP and
11.1 overview
11.2 JSP syntax summary table
11.3 about template text (static HTML)
Script elements, directives, and predefined variables
12.1 JSP script element
12.1.1 JSP expression
12.1.2 JSP Scriptlet
12.1.3 JSP declares
12.2 JSP directive
12.2.1 page directive
12.2.2 include directive
Example: application of script elements and instructions
JSP predefined variable
Thirteen, JSP action
jsp:include action
13.2 jsp:useBean action
13.3 further explanation of jsp:useBean
jsp:setProperty action
13.5 jsp:getProperty action
13.6 jsp:forward action
13.7 jsp:plugin action
Appendix: JSP comments and character reference convention
Note: source: Servlets and JavaServer Pages

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