Talking about the White Screen of WKWebView on 64 bit Devices

  • 2021-12-19 07:03:49
  • OfStack

WKWebView problem

When using WKWebView with 32-bit app, if running on 64-bit devices, there will be 1 problem:

(1) iOS8.1 system, some web pages are loaded with white screens, such as Baidu and iOS8.3 seem to be no problem

(2) A white screen will appear when inputting Chinese characters in the web input box

Search for the root cause of the problem:

WKWebView's WebProcess runs out-of-process as a 64-bit process on hardware supporting 64bit. There is a 32bit/64bit marshalling IPC bug for 32 bit apps using the WKWebView client on such hardware. The bug causes the WebProcess to exit, leaving a blank screen.

That is, bug of an interprocess communication.

Solution that enables app to support arm64 without problems.

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