MacAndroid Studio shortcut key finishing

  • 2021-01-25 07:56:02
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In order to improve work efficiency, specially sorted MAC version Android Studio shortcut key sorting, if there is a follow-up, continue to supplement!

The & # 8997; - > option|alt
The & # 8679; - > shift
The & # 8963; - > control
The & # 8984; - > command
The & # 9099; - > esc
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alt + F7: Find usage
alt+command+L: Formatting code
alt+control+O: Optimize import (remove useless import)
command + O: Override Methods
command + I: Implement Methods
command+B: Declaration View the definitions
alt+command+B: See the implementation of Implementations
command+U: Super (Class)
control+ up and down arrow keys: Previous/Next Method
(shift+)F2: Express location and highlighting error (deprecate, unused)
command+Z: Undo cancelled
shift + command + Z: Redo Typing
ES86en + ES87en: Introducing packages, adding comments...
control+enter: generate, setter, getter...
shift+command+T: Add Test
command + W: Extend Selection
shift + command + W: Shrink Selection
command+P: Parameter prompt
command+Y (X) : delete current row (cut current row)
command+F11: Add/remove bookmark
shift+F11: Display a list of bookmark
command++/- : Expand the contraction code
shift+command+ up and down arrow keys: Move Line Up/Move Line Down


command + F: Find
command + R: Replace
control+shift+F: Find in
control+shiftÏ +R: Replace in Path
alt+command+ left and right arrow keys: Back/Forward operation
command + E: Recent File
shift+command+E: Recently Change Files
shift+shift: Search or Class (Search: command+N,shift+command+N,shift+alt+command+N)
command + N: Search Class
shift + command + N: Search File
shift + alt + command + N: Search Symbol


shift + F10: Run
shift + F9: Debug
command + F9: Make Project
shift + command + F9: Make Module
command+F2: Close the currently executing task
command+F8: Add/cancel breakpoints
shift+command+F8: View all breakpoints
F7: Step Into
F8: Step Over
shift + F8: Step out
F9: resume
alt+F9: Run to


shift+F6: Rename
command+F6: Quickly modify function parameters, return values, or add generics to the class
F6: Move fast moving method or class
F5: Copy fast mobile class
alt+command+C: Extract Constant variable
alt+command+V: extract Variable (Local)
alt+command+F: Extract the Field variable
alt+command+M: extract Method


control+ left and right arrow keys: tab switch
alt+F4: Close the current tab
esc+command: Toggles the current window
shift+esc: Hidden sidebar


command + K: Commit Changes
shift+command+K: Push Commit Changes
command + T: Update Project


command+, : Android Studio Preferences
command +; : Project Structure

Thanks for reading, hope to help you, thank you for your support on this site!