Steps to install golang 1.7 for CentOS 32 bit

  • 2020-06-01 10:02:50
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1.7 introduce Golang

The goal of Go 1.7 in the release planning phase is to improve and optimize (polishing), so it continues to be compatible with Go 1 in terms of the Go language (Specification) specification. Therefore, the release of Go 1.7 is theoretically transparent to previous Go 1-compatible programs, and existing code can be compiled and executed correctly through Go 1.7. Without further comment, let's go straight to the steps of installing golang 1.7 at CentOS 32 bit.

The installation steps are as follows

Download the package here

CentOS 32 bit corresponding package is: https: / / storage googleapis. com/golang/go1. 7.3 linux - 386. tar. gz

Download command:


Unzip after download:

tar -zxvf go1.7.3.linux-386.tar.gz 

Then put golang in the specified folder, I put /opt/go

mv go /opt/go 

Set the environment variable GOROOT

export GOROOT=/opt/go 

Add a link to the go program in the system bin directory:

ln -s /opt/go/bin/go /bin/go 

At this point, you are ready to execute go

go version 

The installation was successful when the version information appeared.


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