Tips for C language beginners

  • 2020-10-07 18:48:14
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C language learning advice

1. Read a more meaningful and interesting book

C expert Programming describes a variety of interesting 8 diagrams, such as designing a procedure to check whether the vending machine in the aisle has Coca-Cola, ice or not, and using LISP to operate the elevator in your elevator car; Let the computer identify itself as a device in case a hacker gets stuck in an elevator. When you get bored with learning programming, it makes sense to read 1 out of 10.

2. Enter the C language for the first time

As you begin to learn C, it is recommended that you make a plan early on. For example, be sure to study and train for 5 hours a day, including 2 hours of reading articles and 3 hours of practical reading.

3. Choose a good textbook

There are too many books on C language learning. The books you study and train are carefully selected. You can choose:

The C Corpus, 4th Edition, is a classic work.

C Traps and Pitfalls If you have studied C for a period of time, then read this book again, 1 will definitely improve 1.

C Language Reference Manual is comparable to XINHUA Dictionary of C language and can be used as a special tool.

C Programming Language was written by K, the creator of the C language & Published by R.

Of the net make up enumerated only a few books of novice introduction book serve as a reference, the circumstance that chooses novice introduction book should integrate itself to consider, 10 thousand direction ran deviation, who also can't help you!

4. Do lots of C beginner exercises

There are many easy C language exercises available on the Web that can be downloaded and practiced.

5. Definition of data type and character type

I recommend the C language ebook section of this site to help you download relevant ebook documents.

Summary of views:

Frankly, with more than half a century of software development, C alone doesn't do anything. Standard C language library provides only 1 some general methods of logic operation and string processing, the string in C language view, of course, also is one kind of memory operation method, so a simple C can't do anything, whether it is a game client, server and other plug-ins C standard C language to match the corresponding system calls and other common software to complete a full language. So C is just a starter, and there's still a long way to go before you can eat the software

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