Concatenation and splitting instances of c language strings

  • 2020-06-23 01:29:43
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1. String concatenation

char *strcat(char *str_des, char *str_sou);

Place the string str_sou after the string str_des (between the last character of str_des and "\0").

Be careful not to cross the line. Use the strlen(input) function to find the length of the string before stitching it.

2. String segmentation

char *strtok(char *str_sou,constchar *str_sep);

str_sou: String to be split. str_sep: Segmentation symbol.

First call: temp = strtok(input, a); (input: string, a: separator);

Then call: temp = strtok(NULL, a);

temp is the string obtained after segmentation.

3. demo

#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
  char input[16];
// Joining together, a : Segmentation symbol; b,c : 2 A string 
char *a = ":", *b = "1", *c = " I am a qy";
printf(" String before splicing (garbled code) :%s\n",input); //input  It's not initialized, it's a garbled print 

printf(" The spliced string :%s\n",input);

//  Length: printf(" The length of the spliced string : %d\n",strlen(input));
  char *temp;
  temp = strtok(input, a);
  if (temp) 
printf(" The string before the split symbol  : %s\n", temp);
temp = strtok(NULL, a);
  if (temp) 
printf(" The string after the split symbol  : %s\n",temp);
  return 0;

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