The mfc file manipulates the method of creating a file for the CFile class

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mfc file action class CFile

Several constructors of the CFile class

CFile();// A constructor with no arguments. 
CFile(int hFile);// Constructor with a file handle argument. 
LPCTSTR lpszFileName,// The path to the file to open 
UINT nOpenFlage // Sharing and access mode when opening a file 
);// Constructor with file path and open mode 

In addition to opening the file with the constructor, you can open it with the member function Open of the CFile class

The OPen function prototype

virtual BOOL Open(
LPCTSTR lpszFilename,// The path to open the file can be either absolute or relative. 
UINT nOpenFlags, // Sharing and access mode when opening a file. 
CFileException *pError=NULL// Open the exception capture variable for the file 
 ) ;

The arguments to CFile constructor and CFile member function Open can be any combination of the following (using a bit or | combination) :

CFile::modeCreate 新建文件,如果文件已存在,则清空文件长度。
CFile::modeNotruncate 与modeCreate组合使用。如果创建的文件已经存在,则打开已存在的文件,不存在则新建文件。
CFile::modeRead 以只读方式打开文件。
CFile::modeWrite 以只写方式打开文件。
CFile::modeNoInherit 阻止文件从子进程中继承。
CFile::shareDenyNone 共享读写的打开文件。
CFile::shareDenyRead 排它读权限打开文件。
CFile::shareDenyWrite 排它写权限打开文件。
CFile::shareExclusive 排它模式打开文件。
CFile::typeText 文本模式打开文件。
CFile::typeBinary 2进制以写模式打开该文件。

Create the file and open the example:

void CMFCApplication42Dlg::OnBnClickedButton1()
  // TODO:  Add control notification handler code here 
  CString filename = _T("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\test.txt"); // Define filename 
  TRY // Exception handling 
    CFile f(filename, CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeWrite);
  CATCH (CFileException, e)// Abnormal trigger 
    #ifdef _DEBUG // If it's in debug mode 
    afxDump << " Failed to open file " << e->m_cause << "\n";



Above is the site to introduce mfc file operation CFile class to create the file method, I hope to help you, if you have any questions welcome to leave a message, this site will reply you in time!

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