Implementation method of C++ network connectivity detection

  • 2020-05-30 20:51:33
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Implementation method of C++ network connectivity detection

Sometimes the program needs to be connected to a specific network, so if someone is there, we can just look at it with the ping command.

The implementation idea is as follows:

Open the console with the program - > Run the ping command and specify that the console return value is written to the file - > Analyze the file and get the ping command to return the status - > Get the network connectivity

#include <windows.h> 
#include <stdio.h> 
#include <string> 
using namespace std; 
bool AnalysisFile()  
  bool rState;// Return status  
  FILE *file; 
  char ln[80]; 
  fopen_s(&file, "returnpingdata.txt", "r"); 
  fgets(ln, 80, file);// Read in the blank line, discard  
  fgets(ln, 80, file);// Read in ping Information, discard  
  fgets(ln, 80, file);// Read in ping Object returns a value for analysis  
  string data = ln; 
  int iPos = data.find("="); 
  data = data.substr(iPos+1,3);// Intercepting a string returns the number of bytes  
  int n = atoi(data.c_str()); 
  rState = n > 0; 
  return rState; 
void main()  
  // -n 1 Specify the send 1 A data ,-w  
  // 1000 To specify more than 1000ms For the timeout  
  // >returnpingdata.txt Specifies the command line return value to be output to returnpingdata.txt In the file  
  char *cmdstr= "cmd /c ping -n 1 -w 1000 >returnpingdata.txt"; 
  WinExec(cmdstr, SW_HIDE); 
  Sleep(1000);// Waiting for the 1000ms 
  bool returndata = AnalysisFile();// Analyze the command line return file for network connection status  
  if (returndata==true) 
    printf(" Network connection successful \n"); 
    printf(" Network connection failed \n"); 

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