c++ hard to find bug of interesting

  • 2020-05-30 20:49:59
  • OfStack

These bug can give you a pitcher of water.

1. The code contained in the assertion (assert)

It often happens when you switch to the release version, and the result is a good one. The end result is that the code in assert parentheses is not executed under release.

Discovery: trace, unable to execute code

2. Object member data is out of order

Basically, the other members above the member memory were deleted out of bounds. class foo {int arr [2]. int val; } if arr[2]=3; So the value of val is going to change.

Discovery: memory breakpoint

3. Memory leak

The memory is off the rein.

Find: # include "crtdbg.h" and reload new, refer to Microsoft documentation. Support for the windows platform is recommended under linux to take advantage of powerful development tools.


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