Decrypt red envelope photo function in Moments

  • 2021-01-25 07:53:11
  • OfStack

Did everyone get the frosted glass picture refresh in WeChat Moments yesterday? This is a new function prepared by WeChat for the Chinese New Year red envelope, which was tested for a period of time yesterday. The spread effect is very big, which tells us a truth: without money, you can't even see the circle of friends. When this function was just launched, everyone was busy sending red envelope photos. As a programmer, I was born sensitive. After a little research on how to view the red envelope without spending money, I published it in my circle of friends for the first time.

First to answer everyone's 1 puzzle, is how to make this function WeChat, good magic ah, this function said on-line on-line, said offline offline, many people guess what magic technology is used to achieve, with the legendary plug-in?

Let me give you clear up, this function does not use any magic technology, this function has been done in the previous version 1 WeChat, with the release of the built-in client, if you do not believe that the previous version oWeChatB1 is not this function. Only one configuration of the server can be used to display and hide the entry flexibly. It is still difficult to realize the whole function of plug-in.

Get back to business, has just launched this function after I found there is a preview of the circle area can see clear pictures, and random according to different places every time, so I'll download or preliminary judgment this picture must have to local cache, and that it is right, as the saying goes, in the client's things will always get through 1 some means, because the circle of friends is the normal network request, so the first time is thought of caught, take all http requests to it can get the picture.

So to be clear, this is not a new skill, will catch the package on ok, for our client development, we often have to carry out api interface with the back end, catch the package is a necessary skill, so how to catch the package? Today's topic will recommend a few of the best to use to catch the bag tools.

1, Fiddler

This is billed as the best bag grabber on windows. If you are an windows platform, this tool is highly recommended. Here's a detailed tutorial:

2, Charles
There is no doubt that the Mac platform is the best to use to grab the bag tool, the official is a fee, but you can find a cracked version online. The detailed tutorial is here:

3, Logcat
The first two capture tools can capture system-level requests, the principle is also very simple by setting the proxy, the use of a little bit of trouble, you have to set the proxy every time. Some time ago I in debug network problems, use very frequently, each time the connection is very troublesome, so simply on app optimized our Log shows, from now on directly in AS Logcat url can see very detailed request, params, header, response etc., greatly improving the efficiency of our team to debug the network, the last photo you feel under:

I this is only limited to the app internal debugging network use, thumb up forwarding more words back to tell you the implementation of the principle.

Of course, there are other ways to catch the network packet, such as tcpdump, wireshark, etc., but they are not as simple as the two recommended above. If you are interested, you can study other tools for grabbing bags.

Finally, tell you a bad news, red envelope picture function WeChat has found the vulnerability, has been done to the data encryption, so may temporarily catch the package can not see the ground glass picture, but catch the package this skill can be called every app developer must, you must master.

A lot of people ask me why don't you send red envelope photos in Moments? I answered you with tears in my eyes: I took a beautiful nude photo for a fucking hour and who knew it would be offline...

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