Android developed IDE ADT SDK JDK NDK and other noun interpretation

  • 2020-06-23 01:54:35
  • OfStack

1. IDE:

Short for Intelligent Development Environm. Intelligent development environment. Is a development tool. Common IDE are ES8en-ES9en and Android studio. Both need to be configured with jdk.

2. ADT:

Short for Android Development tools. Android development tool. ADT is a plug-in for Eclipse. It ACTS as a bridge between Eclipse and SDK.

3. SDK:

Soft Development Kit. Software development kit. In Android, it provides developers with library files and other tools for development.

4. JDK:

Java development kit. Includes Java runtime, Java tools, and Java base class library.

5. NDK:

(1).NDK is a collection of 1 series tools. To help developers quickly develop C/C++ dynamic libraries.
It can automatically package so and Java app 1 into apk. These tools are enormously helpful to developers.
(2).NDK will be the beginning of Android platform development to support C development.
(1). Code protection. Because Java layer code is easy to decompile, C/C++ library decompile is difficult.
(2). It is convenient to use the existing open source libraries. Most of the existing open source libraries are written in C/C++ code.
(3) Improve the efficiency of program execution. High-performance application logic will be required to be developed using C to improve application execution efficiency.
(4) Easy to transplant. Libraries written with C/C++ can be easily reused on other embedded platforms.

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