The commonly used java package in android SDk is introduced

  • 2020-05-30 21:02:47
  • OfStack

The following is an overview of the main java packages in API in android SDK:  : provides the high-level program model, provides the basic running environment 
android.content  : contains various classes that access and publish data on the device 
android.database  : browses and operates the database through the content provider  : the underlying graphics library, including the canvas, color filter, dot, and rectangle, can be drawn directly to the screen .
android.location  : classes that locate and relate services  : provide 1 These classes manage a variety of audio and video media interfaces  : provides help with network access to more than usual classes*  interface 
android.os  : provides system services, message transmission, IPC  mechanism 
android.opengl  : provide OpenGL The tools 
android.provider  : provides class access Android Content provider of 
android.telephony  : provide information related to making phone calls API interaction 
android.view  : provides the basic user interface framework 
android.util  : involves instrumental methods, such as time and date manipulation 
android.webkit  : default browser interface 
android.widget  : contains a variety of UI Elements (most of which are visible) are used on the application's screen 

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