Summary of common methods of ASP. NET page value transfer

  • 2020-06-23 00:11:23
  • OfStack

1. Form Submission:

<formaction= "target.aspx" method = "post" name ="form1"> 
<input name = "param1" value ="1"/> 
<input name = "param2" value ="2"/> 

This method is generally used in html pages and not in, because the form of is always submitted to its own page.

2. Link mode of A tags
<Ahref="target.aspx?param1=1&param2=2"> Link address transfer </A> 
 Receiving page:  string str = Request["param1"] 

3. Session sharing
 Send page: Session("param1") = "1"; 
 According to close the page  string str =Session("param1").ToString(); 

4. Application sharing
 Send page:  Application("param1") = "1"; 
 Click to receive page:  string str = Application("param1").ToString(); 

This approach is not often used because Application is Shared across 1 application domain and all users can change and set its value, so only apply where global variables such as counters are required.

5. Cookie

6. Response. Redirect () method
 Receiving page:  stringstr = Request["param1"] 

7. Server. Transfer () method
 Receiving page:  stringstr = Request["param1"] 

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