What format is aspx how to open ASPX file

  • 2020-06-07 04:23:20
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One of the most striking features of these pages is that URL ends with.aspx, rather than the.html ending that is commonly seen (but not always). So how do you open an ASPX file?

Is very simple, as long as it is web page source file, you can use the browser to open (IE, chrome, firefox, and so on almost all computers can be used to browse the web browser), since ASPX is dynamic file, so can only browse on the server, if you put the ASPX files directly use the mouse to point and then into a browser window, so that can only be used for open ASPX file check code, and see the effect of the source code shown, more can't edit the code. If you need to open and edit the aspx file. What if You want to open it for editing?

Since ASPX files are text code files, Notepad, the simplest word-processing tool available on every computer, is a quick and easy way to open or edit ASPX files if you're not a professional Web developer. However, if you are a website developer, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio(VS for short), Dreamweaver, UE editors, and so on to open and edit. Why do you say that? The main reason is that the function of notepad is too simple. Sometimes there are a lot of code in ASPX files. It would be too big to view or edit with a notepad. Take a look at my article on how to open php files.

Did you download an ASPX file?

Yes, some of you have. Did you download an ASPX file and feel overwhelmed? (This may not be what you really need to download)

In this case, it is possible that the file extension was changed to ASPX. You can first take a look at how much this ASPX file, and then do further confirmation of this kind of situation, such as the size of you need to download 1 2 MB images, but download to do 1 ASPX file, then you will see if this ASPX file size is 2 MB size, if there is change the extension to the acdsee system at jpg should can use open. Of course, this is not always successful, if not you will have to ask what the real extension is. If the file size is significantly different (1 ASPX file size should not exceed 1MB)

Ok, I would like to end here, as I wish to help you to answer the ASPX file how to open it? Well, if you have any questions or Suggestions, please leave me a message.

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