aspnetpager overrides url of to configure the pseudo static instance

  • 2020-06-01 09:33:49
  • OfStack

<webdiyer:AspNetPager UrlPaging="true" EnableUrlRewriting="true"  UrlRewritePattern="/bidding/list_%tid%_%cityid%_{0}_%isProvince%.aspx"  
ID="pager" CssClass="page" runat="server"
OnPageChanged="pager_PageChanged" PageSize="12"           
AlwaysShow="True" ShowBoxThreshold="2" FirstPageText=" Home page " LastPageText=" At the end of the page "
PrevPageText=" on 1 page "                        
NextPageText=" Under the 1 page " NumericButtonTextFormatString="{0}" HorizontalAlign="Center" >            

The value in %% in the UrlRewritePattern property represents one parameter value in the background. {0} represents the page number of the current page

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