ASP.NET page in IE cache clear method

  • 2020-05-27 04:44:29
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I didn't pay attention to this problem before, but I found a good article when I read Blog today, which may be worth learning from in the future:

In general, the WEB page will have a temporary file in the Internet temporary folder.
This is what happens when I operate IE:
If say one page Page1 aspx, on my first visit, it will be in my Internet temporary folder has a Page1. aspx files are generated. Later, if I change the Page1 aspx data after visit this page again, found no to this Page1 IE. aspx to update the data, it is my first visit to the page open. Why is this so, because IE automatically (default) call Internet ES21 one in the temporary folder En1.aspx, instead of downloading the new Page1.aspx.
How do you get IE to automatically download the new Page1.aspx?
One way is to set the Internet option.
Internet options - > Regular - > Internet temporary file "Settings "-- > Check each time you visit this page.
It is best to delete temporary files at the same time.
The idea is to let the customer set up their own browser, and if they forget to do so, the new page will never be downloaded locally. What will the customer think? (" it must be the program!" It's not really the program's fault, but the program can solve the problem.)
The second method: use the program itself to make the page download automatically.
This essentially keeps the page out of the temporary Internet folder and causes the browser to download the page every time it visits the page.
Just add it to the Page_Load event in the aspx.cs code



If you don't use this sentence, you will open the page and there will be one page file in the Internet temporary folder

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